Social sharing for learning!

You read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, do training, etc., but you have nowhere to keep track of it all. That is where Llearner comes in.


Use Llearner to

Become a subject matter expert

Or if you are already, keep track of all your books, interviews, learnings, suggested readings & any other learning materials.

Find the next thing to read or listen to

Based on your interests we start to suggest related books, podcasts, courses, articles & other content you might be interested in.

Host a learning/book club

Keep track, suggest & talk about books, podcasts, or whatever content your club is consuming.

Onboard & train employees

Keep track of where your employees are in their learning journey & see what they have left to complete.

Keep track of your own stuff

Have you ever wished you could remember that book, podcast episode or article you read years ago, now you can find it easily.

Connect with people all over the world

Connect & get inspired about learnings from all over the world.


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Sridhar Ramaswamy
Co-founder, Neeva; Venture Partner at Greylock
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